Below are several data sheets that cover some of our flagship communications services, and ECS’ Company Overview. Our services, including African Broadcast for TV channels; Narrow TV (NaTV), our Intelsat-20 broadcast platform; and Uplink and Playout services for broadcasting, are detailed in the following PDF downloads.

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ECS Company Overview

European Communication Services (ECS) is a UK-based provider of all broadcast services to the growing TV, radio and broadband communication sectors worldwide. The broadcast market is constantly changing, and ECS’s deep understanding of the changing broadcast markets and up-to-date communications technologies sets us apart.

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African Broadcast TV Channel

For Africa-centric TV channels and broadcasters there is no better communications solution than ECS, European Communication Services. ECS’ solutions meet the two biggest trends in African broadcast distribution: Facilitating leading African TV channels in reaching their diaspora audiences around the world, and enabling European and U.K.-based African channels to penetrate African markets, bring a wide range of new programming to the region. Simply put, we facilitate channel market penetration, bringing access to TV, multi-screen, and Internet audiences.

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Introducing Narrow TV

ECS’ New Broadcast Platform over Africa

We are happy to present ECS’ exclusive broadcast distribution platform on Intelsat-20, Africa’s popular satellite – the same broadcast satellite for DSTV, MyTV, Wiztec, and hundreds of Regional and International TV channels. Broadcast your content at affordable prices over popular satellites and Free to Air, reaching millions.

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Uplink and Playout service by ECS

ECS provide state-of-the-art facilities in a one-stop-shop solution for TV broadcast, including Contribution Uplink and Playout tools.

A Comprehensive Broadcast Distribution Solution for Your New TV Channel

The ECS Uplink Station will be designed for your specific channel requirements, location, and Downlink Teleport, enabling you to efficiently reach remote areas without the need for prohibitively expensive long-distance terrestrial links.

Automated High-Capacity Playout Services

We offer the same solutions for Playout, which is an automated high-capacity service. Choose between Remote or Fully-Managed playout services in accordance to your needs. If you need a “channel in a box” solution, our fully-managed playout services will provide the turn-key solution you need.

Broadcast Services to Enhance Market Penetration

ECS has the experience and proven skills necessary to design the optimal communications solution for transmitting your content to the required broadcast network, reliably and seamlessly.

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Nilesat Coverage 2018 by ECS: BETTER, STRONGER, SAFER.

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