ECS developed and deployed a two-pronged distribution programme for Libya’s Al Shorooq FM radio station. ECS turned Al Shorooq into a Narrow TV channel (NaTV) with images and a ticker that are distributed, alongside the radio signal, throughout the Middle East and North Africa. In addition, ECS is now delivering Al Shorooq’s radio signal around the globe via Internet access.

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London- May 6, 2013: ECS European Communication Services (www.ecs-tv.com) today announced that it is now transmitting World Broadcasting Network (WBN) TV’s broadcasts of ‘Jesus is Lord Ministries International’ to followers throughout North America. Now viewers of the inter-denominational church can tune in via WBN’s network to the well known Dr. Michael Yeager’s preaching and the church’s activities from a beam on the popular Galaxy 19 satellite.

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London – January 7, 2013: ECS European Communication Services (www.ecs-tv.com) today announced it has expanded an agreement to bring a Sub-Saharan DTH (Direct To Home) broadcaster’s programming world-wide. This multi-year contract enables the news and entertainment DTH broadcaster to extend its footprint range beyond Africa and the Middle East to Europe via Hot Bird, North America via Galaxy 19 and Asia Pacific regions by Thaicom 5.

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London – ECS European Communication Services (www.ecs-tv.com) and OH TV (www.ohtv.co.uk) today announced that they have expanded their cooperation by launching the OHTV channel throughout all of Africa. The channel can now be viewed in every region of the continent by viewers who can downlink the channel with small antennas from 1.8 meters.

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Nilesat Coverage 2018 by ECS: BETTER, STRONGER, SAFER.

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