Position: 95.0 degrees East
Coverage: Australia


Position: 122.2 degrees East
Coverage: Australia


Satellite: Optus B3 and D2 C1 at 164 degrees East, Optus D1 at 160 degrees East and Optus D3 at 156 degrees East
Coverage: Australasia, New Zealand, Asia, Hawaii, Norfolk Island, Papua New Guinea, Lord Howe Island, Christmas Island and McMurdo Sound

Optus is a leader and innovator in satellite-based communications services in the Australasia region providing a comprehensive range of advanced digital satellite services, with the largest fleet of domestic satellites in Australia and New Zealand.


Position: 78.5 degrees East
Coverage: Asia, Africa, Australia


Position: 83 degrees East
Coverage: Asia, Africa and Australia

Measat 3

Satellite: Measat 3
Position: 91.5 degrees East C Band
Satellite: Measat 3a
Position: 91.4 degrees East C Band
Coverage: Asia, Australia, East Africa and Eastern Europe

One of the most modern and powerful broadcast satellites in the Asia Pacific region. Measat 3 has a fast-growing HD neighborhood and the pan-Asian network carriage to make it a leading platform of choice, providing the best value in the region. The Global C Band Beam covers over 100 countries, representing more than 2/3 of the world’s population.

AsiaSat 5

Position: 100.5 degrees East
Coverage: Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, CIS and Australasia

AsiaSat-5 provides unprecedented regional power and coverage. The C-band beam reaches 53 countries and 138 million potential viewers in Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, CIS and Australasia. AsiaSat-5 offers excellent interconnectivity between Asia, Australia and the Middle East, and is especially strong in sports, news and multicultural channels.

AsiaSat 3S

Position: 105.5 degrees East
Coverage: Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, CIS and Australasia

AsiaSat 3S has been the television broadcasting champion of Asia Pacific for nearly decade, and one of the leading satellites in the region, reaching a potential audiences of 95 million households and 360 million viewers. AsiaSat 3S broadcasts numerous premium TV channels.

Nilesat Coverage 2018 by ECS: BETTER, STRONGER, SAFER.

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