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ECS TV’s OTT solution will provide you with the agility you need to respond to every market need, in accordance with your ambitious objectives.

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Our Services

OTT Video Platform

Enhance your website with a fully customized platform. Enjoy OTT templates that include logo and color choices.

OTT Streaming

A full turnkey solution that allows you to build a 24/7 OTT channel, do more with your existing channels, link to satellites and more.

Live Events

Provide your viewers with exciting live event experiences and speed your Live-to-VOD flow, from your studio or any outdoor location.

OTT Monetization

Control content distribution, use the top broadcasting platforms, attract more viewers and increase your revenue.


Use smart analytics to learn more about your audiences and fine-tune your content.

Roku TV

Create your very own branded Roku TV channel and app with optimal quickness and cost-effectiveness.

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