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ECS OTT Streaming

ECS OTT Streaming is the ultimate empowering, dream-fulfilling service, because it transforms video content into an OTT TV channel that can be broadcast to every household worldwide. This channel can be viewed everywhere, from every device, at the click of a button. The positive implications – especially from a branding and monetizing perspective – are monumental.

By implementing the full-turnkey ECS OTT Streaming solution, you can transform your video content into a high-level online channel with maximum quickness. You can also easily enhance or expand your current OTT platforms.

Complemented by professional ECS Support, ECS OTT Streaming is the ultimate solution for user-engaging, highly-monetized online broadcasting.

Our turnkey solutions include:

Link to existing signals

Link your satellite, cables or terrestrial-based TV channel to an OTT streaming platform, and increase your global reach.

Customized OTT streaming channel set-up

Connect to the ECS cloud platform and upload files from your studio or office. Use our user-friendly playout system to create your own 24/7 streaming channel.

Streaming to social media

ECS streaming is configurated to transfer and integrate video content to all major social media outlets, including YouTube and Facebook, thus ensuring optimal performance.

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