LiveU Air Control

Air Control serves as a single collaboration solution for everyone involved in the production, including engineers, editorial, anchors, reporters, announcers, and guests, removing risk and complexity.

The solution acts as an orchestration and transmission tool to get the live feeds into the system, while giving crews the ability to manage all the human elements.

Designed for every user in the production process

Elevating the Live Production Workflow
Air Control is a broadcast orchestration cloud solution, part of the LiveU platform, designed for live production workflows. The solution effortlessly delivers flawless live programs of any size using existing teams and tech infrastructure.

Built for Broadcasters
Air Control enables broadcast-grade video and audio, powered by LiveU’s dedicated video and audio protocol, LRT™ (LiveU Reliable Transport).
It serves as a high-quality, reliable replacement for consumer video conferencing systems that were not designed for broadcast purposes.

Fits into your workflow
Air Control works with your production system – local, remote or cloud. The solution streamlines and simplifies the production workflow by connecting the control room, in the field talent and crew, and existing technology infrastructure (video, audio, comms, teleprompter, connectivity, LiveU solutions, etc.) under the end-to-end LiveU platform.

Reduces your carbon footprint
With the pandemic, it has been paramount to go live using new and unique production workflows. Air Control works wherever, whenever you need it. This cloud-based solution reduces operational costs, travel, equipment shipping, and coordination, enabling a sustainable workflow.

Frictionless install
Use it immediately – with or without existing LiveU infrastructure. Air Control allows you to keep your existing infrastructure. There’s no need for additional computers, servers, or hardware. You can simply use the devices, laptops, phones, and tablets you already use day to day.

Human Centric
Built for people – not machines!

Air Control enables seamless coordination of production crews and talent. The ease of use of the features such as “Join a Production” allows for talent and guests to get on air quickly and seamlessly.

Interested to know more about the product? Feel free to contact us at any time. We’re here to help.

Feel free to contact us at any time. We’re here to help.

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