LiveU Control

The LiveU Control mobile app lets you preview, monitor, and manage your entire fleet of LiveU field units and channels via any iOS/Android mobile device.

Centralized control allows you to monitor the entire live streaming ecosystem and its content with ease by way of any tablet or laptop that is browser enabled. No matter where you are in the world you have the control you need to produce meaningful, engaging, glitch-free content.

Simplified field operation

Allow your field crews to easily manage and monitor their units. Intuitive unit-app pairing can be done by simply scanning the QR code displayed on the unit. Remove uncertainty from the process of producing live content and free your crew to focus on the things that really matter.

Remote management capabilities

Similar to LiveU Central, the LiveU Control App can also be used by an MCR manager to control and manage their entire LiveU ecosystem. Simply log in with your LiveU Central credentials and choose the unit you would like to control. You will have complete control over your broadcast via the LiveU Control App or any tablet, laptop or other device with browser support.

Upgrades made simple

With LiveU Control your admin will enjoy total software upgrade management and control. The desired version is set by the admin after logging into LiveU Central and upgrades can be initiated with a single touch of the admin’s user interface. Progress of upgrades can be monitored in real-time by way of LiveU Central control panel.

Comprehensive unit monitoring

You will no longer have to guess where field units are as Integrated Geolocation enables users to track their exact location on a relevant map in real-time. The director in the control booth can also monitor the field unit’s connectivity and performance by way of comprehensive signal charts in the LiveU Central control panel.

Unified Management Platform

The LiveU Central web interface enables total control over your channels and field units:

  • View and manage ethernet ports, WiFi, modems, network interfaces and bandwidth capping status.
  • Manage the settings for your unit streaming including channel selection, modes, delay and whether to start or stop a particular stream.
  • Enjoy one-click streaming to Facebook and manage IP streaming to other social media platforms.
  • Manage files quickly and efficiently. Preview files, download or play to SDI.
  • Prioritize between interfaces to ensure least-cost bonding.
  • Maintain and manage associated metadata prior to and upon conclusion of your live stream event.
  • Single sign-on that enables higher levels of system security throughout the process.

Take your live streaming to another level and gain complete control over your entire LiveU ecosystem by way of the LiveU Central management platform. It’s a new dawn for remote production that enables all media players to compete on an equal basis as far as quality and technical facility are concerned.

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