LiveU Solo


Professional-grade wireless video encoder for one-touch HD streaming to all online places
LiveU Solo is a light and compact live-streaming device that uses LiveU’s patented cellular bonding technology to create a single, super robust connection and dynamically adapts the video quality to changing conditions.

You never lose a stream and your stream always has the best quality, even in places where the bandwidth is limited to location, network congestion or simply cost.

LiveU’s reliable transport protocol and patented cellular bonding creates a single, super robust connection. It dynamically adapts the video quality to changing conditions in the field.
The encoder uses the same broadcast technology from LiveU that global television broadcasters use daily for their live remote coverage instead of alternative, expensive bandwidth solutions.


• One-touch integration with Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch and other popular platforms.

• Uses LiveU’s unique LRT method for consistent and high-quality live streaming over the Internet.

• Connects to any camera via SDI or HDMI options for full HD streaming, beyond cellphone quality.

• Connect two cellular modems with Wi-Fi and LAN, creating one broad connection point.

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