LiveU Xtender


Resilient external antenna, ideal for broadcasting in extreme scenarios
To provide added resilience in challenging locations such as heavily crowded areas, LiveU provides the Xtender external antenna – mounted on a vehicle or tripod. This antenna greatly increases network reception for broadcasters by enlarging their cellular connectivity.

Xtender can integrate with existing SNG/ENG trucks – bonding cellular and satellite connections for ultimate live video performance. It can also connect remotely to LiveU’s backpack and handheld uplink units.

The LiveU Xtender brings dramatic improvements to cellular reception, bandwidth, resiliency and latency in every scenario. It is based on LiveU’s fourth-generation bonded uplink technology, which combines LiveU’s LU210/220 encoders with its powerful antenna. The Xtender solution adds six 3G/4G LTE network connections and is optimized for all emerging 4G LTE implementations worldwide.

Xtender can also be mounted on a tripod, providing enhanced resiliency, performance and flexibility in crowded demonstrations, sports stadiums and other extreme scenarios. All those with LiveU’s backpack and handheld units will see an immediate improvement in results. The optional kit for extended wireless connectivity allows Xtender to be located 1,000 feet/300 meters away from the uplink unit, offering far more scope than a regular cellular antenna.

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