Feature-packed app gives smartphones the latest in bonded transmission technology

Using the LU-Smart mobile app, all journalists can cover any news from the field in HD using their mobile device. The app bonds internal Wi-Fi and cellular connections to reach optimal video quality and resiliency.

All the latest iPhone and Android models can use LU-Smart, which is monitored and managed by LiveU Central just like all other field units.



You get high-quality, reliable live video transmission on-the-go. Combine available networks with an external MiFi, so that two cellular connections can be bonded in a single smartphone. This is how to bond the phone’s internal 3G/4G with an external 3G/4G for a very fast uplink.


LU-Smart is part of LiveU’s Go-Plan. This lets you maximize your content-gathering potential by allowing anyone within your organization to use LiveU software. Purchase a pool of data every month for use among as many LU-Smart devices as you need. Make it possible for anyone, from production assistant to journalist to camera person, to go live anytime from anywhere in the world.


LU-Smart now has a new GUI. There are restructured menus, superior camera features such as auto focus/manual focus, exposure control and grid, plus support for bluetooth audio devices.
The software supports various video modes such as live, live & store, store & forward, and send from gallery. Built-in metadata support allows you to send an XML Metadata file to the LiveU server for processing by the MAM system.


This popular feature allows broadcasters and content creators to conduct live interviews with guests from their home/office location without any special set-up or technical know-how. Just send a link to your guest’s smartphone (over email/SMS) and in no time you’re both on air.


Imagine being able to turn any significant spontaneous event into exclusive live content by simply taking out your iOS or Android device and engaging the LU Smart app. Every member of your crew then becomes part of a 24-hour content creation network. No more need to summon the van and hope they arrive before the incident passes. No more watching your competitors get the scoop. With LU Smart nothing will get past you.

With LU Smart you can produce live high-quality HD video for a potentially global audience on the move. You have the option of combining multiple available networks to an external MiFi connection on a single smartphone. It’s a revolutionary way to boost signal strength and quality and to ensure stability, reliability and performance, and all of this from your humble mobile phone.


The remodelled GUI on the LU Smart app makes it easier than ever to manage your content and pass it on to viewers. You have more control over the quality of your picture and what you do with your video content once you’ve captured it. Send it out live, broadcast it live and store a copy, forward it and more. The new menus are intuitive and efficient and the app itself never distracts from your purpose with unnecessary bells and whistles.

The LU Smart app is designed with one purpose in mind: to empower your content creators by providing them with previously unheard of flexibility. The ultimate challenge of the live content creator and distributor has always been to be there when things happen, ready to record. With the LU Smart app in your pocket, you will be.


With the LiveU Go Plan broadcasters you can purchase a pool of data each month and distribute it as you see fit among your LU Smart, LU Lite and integrated Panasonic device users. The Go Plan and the LU Smart app ensure every member of your team from driver to lighting technician to camera operator, production assistant and on-air talent is able to go live anytime something happens no matter where they are in the world.

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