LU2000 Single HD output server


Bonded video transceiver offers a broad range of operating configurations. You’ll use the LU2000 Bonded Video Transceiver unit to receive, reconstruct & playout any bonded video stream sent by LiveU’s range of field units.

The LU2000 will also serve as a highly convenient transmission node when configuring LiveU’s MultiPoint transmission service.

HD 1U rack-mount decoder for the highest video quality. Receive, decode, playout, stream and distribute any HEVC/H.264 4K or multi-camera video feeds. SW license included

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HD 1U rack-mount decoder for the highest video quality. Receive, decode, playout, stream and distribute any HEVC/H.264 4K or multi-camera video feeds. SW license included

A RANGE OF CONFIGURATIONS The LU2000 is a highly versatile unit, with multiple configurations that include hardware-hosted MMH software and cloud server operation. It uses LiveU Reliable Transport (LRT) protocol, which includes patented Dynamic Adaptive Bitrate control and Forward Error Correction. , allowing the optimization of live video delivery to different classes of receiver, dynamically adjusting bitrate and quality for the best viewer experience at any time. INTEGRATION IS SEAMLESS With LU2000 you have an unlimited number of preview feeds. The remote operator can select the feed that’s actually sent out over SDI for local consumption, or streamed over the network for CDN or any other online video streaming. This decoder/transceiver integrates perfectly with LiveU’s multi-layered live video ecosystem. Operators can monitor and control live streams via LiveU Central – the unified management platform for LiveU’s field and studio units.  


The LU2000 supports cellular interfaces, external USB-connected modems, WiFi interfaces and LAN interfaces. Note that Extender interfaces are only supported for LAN interfaces.

Further information:

On the Interface Screen, cellular interfaces will display the port number, the RSSI signal strength, the name of the cellular network and the uplink bandwidth as expressed in Kbps. The Interface Screen also displays the technology in use (be it 3G, 4G or 5G) before the name of the cellular network.

On the Interface Screen, any WiFi interfaces show the WiFi network’s SSID, the RSSI signal strength as expressed in bars along with the uplink bandwidth currently in use as expressed in Kbps.

The Interface Screen displays the DHCP IP address when DHCP is ON, and the static IP configuration when DHCP is OFF. The used uplink bandwidth is also displayed in Kbps.

The LU2000 is both incredibly versatile and powerful. It’s capable of receiving several preview feeds, supporting multi-camera production and receiving up to 4 synchronized video feeds. The LU2000 enables the operator to make the final judgment regarding which preview is best to send out over SDI or streamed through the network for CDN.

LiveU Central is LiveU’s unified management platform and the nexus of a multilayered live video ecosystem that enables operators to control and monitor multiple live streams simultaneously. The LU2000/LiveU Central combination allows you to maintain studio-like control over often chaotic and unpredictable live content.

Whether or not your LU2000 comes with SIM cards installed depends on whether you purchased it or are leasing it. If you leased the unit it will come with SIM cards pre-installed. However, if you purchased the unit you will need to also purchase SIM cards separately.

Installing SIM cards is a simple process. Right next to the SDI video connector port, you will see 2 slots that are very clearly marked “SIM1” and “SIM2”. These slots are provided to accommodate SIM cards for the internal cellular modems. If you need assistance determining which SIM card(s) are supported in your country contact the support team at LiveU.

The LU2000 supports an array of video formats and resolutions including:

• 1080p50/60/25/30/24
• 1080i50/60
• 1080i59.94
• 720p50/60/25/30/24
• SD NTSC 720×480
• SD PAL 720×576

1080p50 and 1080p60 are supported on the input side but not the server side.

Absolutely. With the LU2000 you can easily stream from an HDMI or SDI source to multiple content platforms simultaneously including Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Ustream, Wowza and others.

If you are having difficulty connecting the LU2000 to the internet there are several likely causes:

• There may not be any SIM cards installed in the device
• There may not be any cellular reception where you are.
• The APN may not be configured properly on the modems.
• The installed SIM cards may not support the data plan.
• SIM cards were installed only after the LU2000 was turned on.

The last is perhaps the most common cause of internet connectivity issues. In order for the device to work properly and connect to the internet SIM cards must be inserted before the device is powered up.

The LU2000 should be operated with the same precautions in mind as other cellular devices:

Avoid using the device in places where an explosive atmosphere may be present – even a tiny spark in such an environment could cause an explosion and fire that results in grievous bodily injury or even death.

Avoid using the device at a service station or refuelling point – never operate the device in a fuel depot, petrol station, near a chemical plant or in areas where blasting may be in progress.

Near life support equipment – many types of life support equipment are susceptible to radio interference. Therefore never operate the device in a hospital or emergency clinic, or near an ambulance administering emergency assistance.

On an aircraft – always shut down the LU2000 before boarding an aeroplane as it may interfere with aeroplane operations.

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