Bonded video transceiver offers a broad range of operating configurations
You’ll use the LU2000 Bonded Video Transceiver unit to receive, reconstruct and playout any bonded video stream sent by LiveU’s range of field units.
The LU2000 will also serve as a highly convenient transmission node when configuring LiveU’s MultiPoint transmission service.

The LU2000 is a highly versatile unit, with multiple configurations that include hardware-hosted MMH software and cloud server operation.
It uses LiveU Reliable Transport (LRT) protocol, which includes patented Dynamic Adaptive Bitrate control and Forward Error Correction. , allowing the optimization of live video delivery to different classes of receiver, dynamically adjusting bitrate and quality for the best viewer experience at any time.

With LU2000 you have an unlimited number of preview feeds. The remote operator can select the feed that’s actually sent out over SDI for local consumption, or streamed over the network for CDN or any other online video streaming.

This decoder/transceiver integrates perfectly with LiveU’s multi-layered live video ecosystem. Operators can monitor and control live streams via LiveU Central – the unified management platform for LiveU’s field and studio units.

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