The most cost-effective and fully-enabled video encoder on the market
The LU200e has broad appeal because it ticks so many boxes. It’s compact, highly versatile and low-budget. It shares LiveU’s reputation for streaming effectiveness, including content distribution to the web, point-to-point and point-to-multi-point.

There’s simply ‘no competition’ with other compact encoders. The LU200e has top quality streaming and super-low latency video, even over the public internet. It also has forward error correction at no extra cost.
Its built-in, fully enabled bonding capability allows you to exploit multiple network paths to increase your available throughput from remote locations.

The LU200e is highly adaptable for events like a concert, club promotion or sporting event.
• For breaking news, connect the LU200e to BGAN in the field or to in-studio equipment.

• Fits neatly onto your venue camera.

• Produce your live shows covering gigs, concerts, night clubs and other events.

As part of the LiveU product line, the LU200e fits perfectly with all the other LiveU broadcasting tools. It’s a strong contributor towards your smooth and effective production workflow.

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