LU600 HEVC-HD Video Card

If you need an exceptional portable transmission unit for global newsgathering, live sports and events coverage, LU600 is the ultimate choice.

It’s one of the smallest portable cellular bonding units on the market, yet one of the most powerful. When combined with the 4K HEVC Pro Card, the LU600 delivers unparalleled video performance, with extreme bandwidth efficiency.

High video quality
The LU600 delivers superior 1080/4K video quality with two available configurations: HD and 4K-HDMI. The unit bonds up to 12 x IP connections (cellular, WiFi and LAN), offering fast file transfer (60Mbps) and ultra-low delay of minimum 0.4 sec.


If you need to add a remote location to a LiveU broadcast the LU600 LiveU Video Card encoding field unit is the way to go. You’ll enjoy H.265/H.264 encoding over WiFi, cellular or wired ethernet configurations, as well as streaming up to 1080p60 and as many as 4 audio channels. With supported bandwidth of up to 20 Mb/s, you’ll be ready for whatever your assignment has in store.

The HEVC-HD Video Card encoding field unit provides 16GB of internal storage, has a removable internal battery that lasts up to 4 hours and a microSD card slot so you can record your stream locally. And let’s not forget the 5” touchscreen that enables bright, clear previews and precise control.

The specifications are impressive. Your LU600 HEVC will deliver the highest video quality and bitrate in the market (up to 20Mbps), the fastest file transfer speed (60Mbps) and the lowest delay.

Equipped with this field unit, you’ll broadcast at video quality equivalent to H.264 while using about half the bandwidth. If you stay with the H.264 bitrate, you’ll get greatly improved video quality.


State-of-the-art portable video transmission: The LU600 field unit with an HEVC-HD Video Card sets the bar for the competition to clear with high-quality video and extraordinary bandwidth efficiency.

Lightweight, compact design: Weighing just over 2 lbs the LU600 with HEVC-HD Video Card goes wherever you go without holding you back. You have a variety of carry options that dovetail with the ergonomics of remote production.

Enabling spontaneity: When you’re live in the field you need to be flexible enough to respond effectively to changing conditions. The LU600 enables you to embrace spontaneity by recording now and sending later.

User-friendly backpack: The backpack/carrying case for the LU600 was designed with the user in mind. You have multiple carry options all of which provide full, continuous access to important control and display functions.

The remote production tools you want: Accessorize your LU600 with a variety of remote production tools including Audio Connect, Video Return, Tally Light and other tools. You’ll never miss a shot or send shoddy-looking video down the pipe.

Tap into the LiveU Cloud: LiveU’s cloud ecosystem enables you to manage your live production from anywhere you have an internet connection. Integrate your live feeds with cloud-based productivity tools including Avid, Blackbird and Vizrt.

Enhanced internet connectivity: Set the LU600 to Data Bridge mode and leverage wireless broadband on-the-go. Boost connectivity and, by extension, productivity by leveraging WiFi, cellular and ethernet networks simultaneously.


• Superior 1080/4K video quality based on broadcast-grade hardware encoding – supporting VR and 360 degree applications
• Very low power consumption, with 4 hours of battery time
• Dynamic bitrate and resolution changes ‘on the fly’
• HEVC and H.264 file encoding capability for production workflows
• ‘Live & Store‘, allowing broadcasters to go live under any network conditions while simultaneously saving a high-quality copy of the live video for future purposes.
• High speed bonded internet capabilities
• 5” LCD with ultra-responsive capacitive touch screen


Thanks to its choice of three configurations – HD, 4K-HDMI and 4K-SDI – the LU 600 unit meets every need of mobile journalists. It comes in a specially designed smart backpack, with excellent usability, operation by remote control and easy access to display, controls and interfaces.

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