Video Return

LiveU Video Return enables field crews to see current program feeds and/or receive teleprompting information during live sessions.

LiveU’s Video Return service enables field crews to see what’s currently on-air and receive teleprompter feed during live sessions. Share your return feeds easily and intuitively with anyone in your organization! LiveU Video Return lets you send your station’s feeds back to the field where they can be viewed by anyone using a LiveU field unit or over any mobile device/PC.

Benefits include:

Getting live feeds from the studio to the field enabling reporters to know when
they are going to be on-air and freely communicate with the studio panel
Receiving teleprompting information during live sessions
Verifying the live feeds – enabling field crews to ensure their live feeds are being received correctly in real-time and modify their camera angle or position for the best shot (e.g. when graphics are added to broadcast or in cases of split screens)

Offered with LiveU field units (LU600, LU610, LU800) or over any mobile device, Video Return enables field crews to get constant live feeds from the studio, ensuring professionally- produced and smoothly-run live broadcasts. The service guarantees sub-second delay from the studio to the field, with super-resilient video streaming based on LiveU’s LRT™ (LiveU Reliable Transport) streaming and bonding technology. The service is operational while the unit is idle or transmitting.

Video Return works via a dedicated LiveU server, which captures and encodes SDI feeds from the station and delivers them using LiveU’s patented bonded transmission to the field units.
Return feeds can be viewed by anyone in the organization via the LiveU field units, using the unit’s display or an external connected monitor.

Feeds can also be viewed over the Video Return Portal – available on any mobile device or PC. Offering easy access for any of the organization’s employees, the Video Return Portal enables maximum production flexibility.

Two audio channels are also included, enabling the field crew to communicate fully with the studio. Audio can be heard with any standard earphones connected to the unit or from the external monitor.

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