Zixi Broadcaster

Provides exceptional performance, security, resilience, and flexibility for live video streaming over IP networks

Offers advanced processing, monitoring, and reliability features to ensure high-quality live video transmission

Supports ultra-low latency acceleration, program mapping, transcoding, transmuxing, and more

Includes error correction, bandwidth shaping, and real-time feedback mechanisms

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Zixi Software Defined Video Platform (SDVP) features Zixi Broadcaster, a universal media gateway that delivers exceptional performance, security, resilience, and flexibility. With advanced in-flight processing, monitoring, and reliability, Zixi Broadcaster enables high-quality live video routes over any IP network. It supports ultra-low latency acceleration, transcoding, transmuxing, program mapping, on-demand recording, and packaged distribution optimized for any device. Zixi Broadcaster provides error correction, bandwidth shaping, and real-time feedback for premium live video transmission over any network, including commodity internet and mobile networks, for live event and linear production, contribution, primary distribution, re-distribution and OTT workflows.

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