content aggregation

Content Aggregation

The lines between traditional broadcast, telecom, and Internet content are blurring at an accelerating pace due to content streaming.

“To remain competitive, content aggregation is increasingly becoming the standard method to address the blurring lines in content distribution solutions.”

In the past, broadcast TV channels were intended to have broad audience appeal, but subscription television has always largely provided multi-channel niche or genre programming that appeals to a specific audience. Increasingly, this audience expects to be able to receive that content whenever, wherever, however. TV, smartphone, tablet, laptop, and a growing variety of other devices now deliver content in the manner and time the viewer wishes.

“ECS specializes in coordinating all of your content conversion and content streaming, and then aggregating this content into a single channel.”

With content arriving in various formats – each with its different needs – our system experts take this mix of data and format it into a standard seamless signal to enhance your position and expand the audiences viewing your content. Regardless of your primary chanell distribution method in the past – satellite distribution, broadcast distribution, etc. – ECS is able to ensure you maximize your audience penetration through dispersed platform content reception for customers on any device, at any time, in any location.

Whether you are a brick-and-mortar broadcaster attempting to make the jump to become a clicks-and-bricks content provider, or are already broadcasting and webcasting, ECS has the technology and experience to enable you to overcome the hurdles present in the market and dynamically expand your audience reach and penetration.

Reach New Broadcast Markets

With viewer habits changing almost every day, new video and media content solutions come online at a dizzying pace. We assist media owners and aggregators to open new opportunities for reaching fresh audiences and markets. Building audiences further monetizes content. ECT can assist you in managing, securing, packaging, and monetizing content, all in a multiple-device environment.

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We can take your output and create a content stream, whether digital or analogue, computer generated or traditional broadcast, HD or SD, and everything in between. Our teams specialize in translating and aggregating disparate content types and turning them into a fully functioning content stream.

By effectively aggregating broadcast and web content and then making the aggregated data available across devices, broadcasters can remain dynamic and nimble in a quickly changing market.

Content Delivery Changing at a Growing Pace

In today’s broadcast environment, content arrives using a large variety of technologies and mediums. The importance of being able to faithfully take the information from various streams and create one single stream is both an art and a science. At ECS, we provide the services and technical support that makes this content aggregation happen.

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