Data Transmission Services

Data Transmission Services

ECS provides worldwide secure and reliable data communications. Your mission-critical data is our top priority! Our advanced technologies and extensive professional experience guarantees fully redundant and robust communications services throughout the world.

With our global satellite, teleport and fibre networks, you will stay connected 24/7/365. Our data centre, located at our secure ground station facility, offers ample managed rack space and terrestrial network integration, with around-the-clock content monitoring, full uplink and IP connectivity, and comprehensive technical consulting services.

We offer a wide range of communications service solutions, including:

  • IP Connectivity
  • VSAT and Hub-Based Services
  • Hub Hosting
  • Teleport Services
  • Co-location
  • Redundancy/backup
  • Technical Consulting

IP Connectivity

You need tailored network solutions that include robust integrated network security, high availability, and support for specific applications such as collaboration, distance learning, and web casting or video conferencing. ECS provides customized solutions that will meet your individual requirements and needs.

VSAT and Hub-Based Services

VSAT networking is quickly becoming a strong contender for network services (and broadband access for home users as well), challenging traditional Terrestrial-based solutions. VSAT has the benefit of being an older technology, so it is stable and well-understood, but increasingly, modern solutions are enhancing the range of applications that can be serviced via VSAT. Using geosynchronous satellites, VAST can now offer permanent coverage areas with fast throughput (in excess of 100Gbps in some cases!)

Additionally the hub service can be either private hub, or shared-hub service. Shared hubs offer outstanding value with lower TCO, while private hubs increase the owner’s ability to directly control the back-end infrastructure supporting it.

Hub Hosting

If you require hub services but do not require the entire bandwidth available in a private hub, or lack the resources or desire to fund the establishment, operation, and monitoring of a private hub, ECS provides rock-solid, expandable shared-hub services through our own hosted hubs. For a fraction of the cost you can get all the bandwidth you need in a stable, secure, and expandable solution that requires minimal up-front investment and a lower total cost of ownership, all maintained and secured via our professional team of dedicated techs.

Teleport Services

ECS provides stable and secure Telecommunications Portal (teleport) services that merge a satellite network with terrestrial networks such as the Internet, and offer various broadcast services to enhance your network capabilities. The first teleport in the United States became operational in 1984, so you can be certain that the technology is bulletproof. Our team has long experience in providing teleport services, enabling ECS to offer a wider range of services and add-ons that enable you to maximize the return on your investment and scale operations almost infinitely.


With ECS’ co-location services (colo services), your business can focus its IT resources on getting work done, rather than diluting available resources to implement and manage the back-end technology that makes your work possible. With our experienced operators managing the design, build, security, and management, companies can avoid the often crippling expense of bringing a dedicated data center online. Our customers enjoy the benefits of a predictable expense month-to-month, rapid expansion of provided network capabilities during times of growth with the minimal possible investment, and an ideal roadmap for disaster recovery, which should be a consideration for any business considering their data center needs.


With ECS managing your network infrastructure for data transmission and connectivity, you can be sure that professionals — who only focus on maintaining your network — monitor services 24/7/365, and remain up to date with the absolute latest and best security available, both electronic and physical security. Moreover, ECS operates with 100% redundancy. In the unlikely event of a disaster, disruptions to your operations will be minimal due to our bulletproof backups of data and configuration. With ECS, you needn’t worry about a disaster that affects your data center also affecting your business’ operations.

Technical Consulting

ECS provides targeted analysis as you work to expand or launch your business. Decades of experience allows us to thoroughly understand the broadcast market and related technology linkages, enabling our analysts to confidently determine best practices and solutions for you to dominate your broadcast market. Our technical, facts-based analysis will provide you with the tools to facilitate brand penetration in a constantly changing broadcasting landscape.

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