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African Broadcast TV Channel

For Africa-centric TV channels and broadcasters there is no better communications solution than ECS, European Communication Services. ECS’ solutions meet the two biggest trends in African broadcast distribution: Facilitating leading African TV channels in reaching their diaspora audiences around the world, and enabling European and U.K.-based African channels to penetrate African markets, bring a wide range of new programming to the region. Simply put, we facilitate channel market penetration, bringing access to TV, multi-screen, and Internet audiences.

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About Us

About European Communication Services

European Communication Services (ECS) is a UK-based provider of all broadcast services to the growing TV, radio, and broadband communication sectors worldwide.

The broadcast market is constantly changing, and ECS’s deep understanding of the constantly-changing broadcast markets and up-to-date communications technologies sets us apart among broadcast services providers.

“ECS takes pride in our unmatched quality of service, and our dedication to fulfilling our customers’ needs”

Customized Communications Solutions

ECS can deliver customized solutions for communications that enhance our partners’ ability to reach their goals, today and in the future. ECS is perfectly positioned to make your broadcast project a success, whether it requires:

  • fibre or satellite distribution
  • channel distribution
  • TV & broadcast distribution
  • Internet distribution
  • data backhaul service
  • playout service or
  • news-gathering media

Meeting Communications Needs

ECS individually tailors high-quality communication services to meet broadcast customer requirements. Our unique business model marries technical and strategic consultancy with in-depth market analysis. We have the technical know-how essential to establish and deploy the best solution to maximize your market penetration with broadcast, satellite, and other distribution methods. We also leverage the Internet and other media distribution technologies for a variety of playout service options as well as unparalleled data aggregation services.

“With ECS’ services you can increase your market penetration and meet channel distribution objectives.”

ECS will analyze your broadcast requirements and then develop the optimized communications solution for you, whether you are going to start your own TV channel or already broadcast your channel. Partnering with you, ECS can enable you to extend your coverage to reach a larger audience, improve performance, and increase your income,

Our team brings decades of experience and contacts throughout every region and market, allowing us to provide customers the best possible solution within the required dimensions and resources. Simply put, we do it right the first time because there is no second chance.

Exceed Your Broadcast Market Goals

We specialize in tailoring advanced media technologies in the broadcast market to your TV channel’s look and feel, its style, your target audience, and most importantly, customized to meet the goals of your business plan. For new TV channels, ECS ensures your channel launch will be smooth and stable, and supports the channel’s establishment and penetration in the desired region.

“We help you expand to meet (and then exceed) your market goals so you can focus on growing your business. We are on your side.”

Contact us to get started today, and to learn more about our industry-leading communications solutions for broadcasters.

Nilesat Coverage 2018 by ECS: BETTER, STRONGER, SAFER.

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