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Introducing Narrow TV

ECS’ New Broadcast Platform over Africa

We are happy to present ECS’ exclusive broadcast distribution platform on Intelsat-20, Africa’s popular satellite – the same broadcast satellite for DSTV, MyTV, Wiztec, and hundreds of Regional and International TV channels. Broadcast your content at affordable prices over popular satellites and Free to Air, reaching millions.

NaTV Introduction

NaTV Introduction

We are happy to present Narrow TV (NaTV), our newest broadcasting platform over Africa, which provides potential DTH access to millions of households across Africa at affordable prices via popular satellites and Free to Air. You can reach an audience of millions. Our newest broadcast platform produces rich format content based on still pictures, narration, music, and even an Info Ticker. Producing and managing content with this system is amazingly easy.

NaTV Benefits:

  • NaTV is a cost effective solution
  • Use for various purposes: Advertising, Promotion, Direct Sales, Education and Community, New TV Channels, and many others
  • Broadcast your channel on TV in a 24/7 channel or via time slot cycles to meet your budge needs
  • Covers entire Sub-Saharan Africa, reaching millions of viewers
  • High market penetration in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, S. Africa

NaTV Live Broadcast And Presentation

Go to following links to see both a live broadcast recording of the ECS promo channel on the Narrow TV Platform, and a PDF presentation for businesses considering NaTV.

What is a Narrow TV Channel?

A NaTV Channel is a do-it-yourself TV Broadcast platform consisting of a collection of color slides which are played one after the other on air at intervals of a few seconds, accompanied by audio. It is TV’s version of Power Point1.

With NarrowTV, clients receive their own TV channel and air time, at a lower total cost than with a full video TV channel. Moreover, no expensive broadcast or audiovisual equipment is actually needed to broadcast a NaTV channel. Clients can make their own slides and upload them via email to ECS, or by using a web access tool, from any location with an internet access.

These economic satellite TV channels are ideal for getting the message out to the maximum number of viewers across Sub Saharan Africa, at extremely cost effective prices to meet just about any budget.

Better still, all our NaTV channels will be received Free-to-Air and DTH, available 24 hours a day to anybody with a satellite dish and decoder.

Typical applications:

  • Shopping Channels
  • Info channels
  • Astrology channels
  • Product marketing channels
  • Radio Channels
  • Many others!

To discuss how Narrow TV can help you reach your market penetration goals and expand your audience, cost-effectively, Contact Us!

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