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NaTV – A Unique Cost-Effective Promotion & Advertising TV Media in Africa

ECS Introduces Unique Cost-Effective Promotion and Advertising TV Media in Sub-Saharan Africa

Launches NaTV Media Channel to Advance Advertising, Sales and Promotion in Nigerian, South African, Zimbabwean and Zambian Markets

London- December 9, 2014: ECS European Communication Services ( today announced that it has launched a new TV technology media tool for cost effective promotion and advertising in Sub-Saharan Africa. The new TV media is being broadcast over the most popular satellite for Sub Sahara, the same that is used by DSTV, My TV and other widespread TV platforms, whose main penetration is in Nigeria and South Africa

ECS Turns Libya’s Al Shorooq FM Radio into Narrow TV Channel (NaTV)

ECS developed and deployed a two-pronged distribution programme for Libya’s Al Shorooq FM radio station. ECS turned Al Shorooq into a Narrow TV channel (NaTV) with images and a ticker that are distributed, alongside the radio signal, throughout the Middle East and North Africa. In addition, ECS is now delivering Al Shorooq’s radio signal around the globe via Internet access.


Nilesat Coverage 2018 by ECS: BETTER, STRONGER, SAFER.

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