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SatBroadcasting™: Broadcasting In Europe—Meeting The Needs Of Diasporas


SatBroadcasting™: Broadcasting In Europe—Meeting The Needs Of Diasporas

New opportunities are opening to broadcasters who are willing and ready to create audience-specific businesses. We are not talking about meeting the lowest denomination of entertainment or reality programming that piques the interest of a large number of anonymous people. We are, however, talking about how to meet the needs of specific audiences that are highly interested in something special: Themselves and their individual cultures. At ECS we call this specialty:

Diaspora World Broadcasting

We have uncovered three major trends in Diaspora broadcasting that makes this service an exciting as well as a quickly changing marketplace.

First, immigrants to a new region seek news, entertainment, sports and culture from their homeland. Additionally, social networks, TV and Internet broadcasts are the first places they search for updates from their home regions. This makes TV an attractive audience for advertisers, especially those from the viewers’ home markets.

Second, immigrants often create their own channels to serve joint interests. These ventures can be based either in the homeland (partnerships with those living outside the country of origin), or in the new areas or regions where they live.

Third are the successful immigrant entrepreneurs who have done well in their new countries and wish to create bridges between the old and the new worlds.

ECS has developed methodologies to penetrate this market with special attention to the three segments described above and to create a viable business opportunity for these broadcasters. We understand the way people access content is not the same everywhere—differences exist between countries and even between various regions within a country.

To meet this variety, we created a multi-platform broadcast solution to maintain and build communities. By understanding the intricacies and subtleties of language, faith, cultures and technology, our solutions can reach the largest possible number of viewers in a target market who want to watch, listen or surf for information.

Together with our partners, we explore various options, map out the requirements for each solution, and then build the required distribution and contribution connections. Often, we are able to produce an offering to our client that comes in under the budget they originally set.

One key question is how to reach the audience and meet them on a daily basis. For broadcasters that do not have the means or resources to invest in multiple platforms or run advertising campaigns reaching audiences that are spread over large regions, this question is critical. ECS invests time and resources to find the right lever that empowers the channel to become an integral part of a community’s culture.

With dozens, hundreds and, in some regions, thousands of channels available on a viewer’s remote control for immediate surfing, it is vital to locate the channel at the correct neighborhood to make it easy for the audience to find the broadcaster’s location during regular channel surfing.

Another ECS expertise is in the creation of a cost-effective, thorough and reliable Internet-based platform to reach potential audience members and open up the channel for additional income opportunities. For meeting audiences at more places, more often, and with additional services, we enable VoD, EPG, Catch Up services as well as archiving content using smart and easy to recover methods.

We develop modular scalable solutions that meet broadcasters’ needs when they initiate operations as well as when they grow their business.

For resource-constricted broadcasters, a modular approach that includes various distribution options works well. At ECS, we assist in bringing communications resources to a level commensurate with the broadcaster’s needs. Our job, as quickly as possible, is to take the channel to as many viewers as possible to grow that base. Our abilities to create smart play out and distribution programs make it easier for a broadcaster to then focus on content and business growth.

Some diaspora broadcast operations have few employees. In addition, some channels are started by entrepreneurs with minimal broadcast experience. For these businesses, we provide a full service and operations package from playout and studio space to station links and backhaul satellites to fibre or Internet transmission for directly reaching homes.

With 24/7 monitoring and feedback setups, including tech and engineering support, we enable broadcasters to reduce their costs while finding the voices that resonate with audiences. To complete the network, we create the proper package for transmitting the television broadcast over the Internet. Again, this frees up the broadcaster to focus on branding and market penetration efforts.

A new service, OTT (Over the Top), is a cloud-based platform offering broadcasters multi-screen distribution on multiple devices, from tablets to smartphones, laptops to PCs, online TVs to IPTV. Now viewers can browse, chat and interact, all simultaneously, via a superior viewing experience. This brings the audience even closer to their co-patriots, locally and in their homeland markets.

A key point is that our system automatically analyzes the network and adapts the service to a user’s available network bandwidth and characteristics. With OTT, audiences can connect easily and quickly with the broadcaster to create communities and bring themselves closer—a win-win situation for all concerned.

Reaching and incubating far-flung audiences will accelerate as the world continues to move into a Diaspora environment. For broadcasters, these migrations are an important backbone of business growth. ECS will continue to bring our firm’s talents and deep understanding to the market with solutions that provide access and links between communities.

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About ECS

European Communication Services is a top provider of End-to-End TV and radio distribution services through premium satellite packages and leading cable operators enabling broadcasters to strengthen their market footprints.

Specializing in broadcast solutions for DTH, DTT and IPTV, we offer TV Channels and broadcasters secure access to satellites, cable operators and terrestrial packages throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East, North and South America, Asia, and Australia. Being able to provide these services in a world in which immigration and emigration change local populations is especially important.

SatBroadcasting™—Broadcasting To The Diaspora


SatBroadcasting™—Broadcasting To The Diaspora

SatMagazine, March 2013 Edition

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As the world becomes a smaller place and people move from one end of the Earth to the other, broadcasters are realizing new opportunities. In the Diaspora World people may be far from each other physically, but they are never far from enjoying each other’s experiences, lives and feelings. A sense of unity, in spite of the scattering of peoples across the globe, is enabled through the streams of information and entertainment produced by broadcasters, linking all to their homelands and their sense of “oneness.”

In the same way that the Diaspora World provides ships, planes and trains and just about anything with wheels that enable almost any person to search and reach new geographic horizons, the broadcast world can reach each and every person who has changed his or her geographic identity—all the while remaining with the one in which they were born.

Savvy broadcasters and content providers realize that migrations and population movements—no matter how large or small—are new opportunities for increasing their audience.

The prospect to expand one’s marketplace into far away lands, while still remaining loyal to a local audience, can provide a breakthrough moment for a business.

Likewise, the opposite is true when an immigrant becomes a successful entrepreneur and wants to broadcast from his or her new place in the Diaspora back to the homeland.

The beauty is to do this with relatively minimal initial investments and being able to take advantage of market forces to keep prices low. At ECS, European Communication Services, we know and understand these trends. We work to take the twists and turns of the Diaspora World and create advantages thereby opening new opportunities to transform broadcasters into winners.

The New Reality

The phrase ‘Glocal’ is pithy and is now a cliche. However, the phrase really does represent our new reality. Being locally based yet reaching the rest of the world, and for broadcasters, reaching that target audience far, far away, is the most recent trend for the broadcast market. As broadcasters and content providers seek to extract new revenues from advertising, reach new audiences and re-connect the homeland with the Diaspora, it is important for them to know that this can be done easily, with low expense and intelligently.

One of the most important caveats that broadcasters need to realize concerns the sensitivities of penetrating various types of markets. Whether reaching Nigeria, Kurdistan, Australia, India, the Middle East, Bosnia, East London or Somalia, understanding that the right approach incorporates both the correct technology as well as the knowledge that cultural and business operations sensitivities abound. Whether recognizing how to best use the correct types of technical infrastructure that will enable a signal to be picked up by the most people for the least cost, or understanding how best to work with local distribution packagers, are extremely important. It is imperative to have an advisor onboard that understands how to operate in various local environments. This is especially important for small- and medium-sized broadcasters that want to be included in a specific broadcast neighborhood or need to be included in local content packages.

Advisors that can put together an end-to-end solution with a low expense threshold are highly appreciated by broadcasters—these advisors understand technology and culture and can operate in various localities to provide that extra plus that’s required for growing a business. For instance, ECS provides such advisory services in researching the best methods for penetrating a market as well as providing the tools and means to reach and expand a market.

With ground station services in the United Kingdom connecting to world fibre networks, satellites around the world, and IPTV capabilities, we bring broadcasters and content providers to any geographic location. Offering remote and fully managed playout, uplink, downlink and turnaround, Earth stations, flyaway, channel management, aggregation, encryption, video monitoring and services for IPTV platform operators, ECS can provide all within a one-stop environment.

The Application Of Technology

ECS’s ability to use technology and its knowledge of the markets enables it to reduce worldwide distribution costs. For broadcasters, this is excellent news, especially those from the U.K. or European Union (EU) that wish to engage audiences in Africa. ECS’ full slate of broadcast services is able to take broadcasters from Europe to Africa with their programming.

ECS’ turnkey solution for OHTV includes collecting its signal at a London PoP (Point of Presence), sending the signal by fibre to the Uplink Station, and then uplinking the signal to a Pan African C-band for distribution to the entire continent. Using contacts around the continent, the channel is able to locate local distributors for rebroadcasting throughout the region.

Another opportunity for ECS was the company’s work with a Sub Saharan African TV channel to build out a world-wide multi-year distribution plan via four satellites to cover Pan Africa, Pacific Asia, Europe as well as the U.K. and North America. The channel has now received positive feedback from all over the world.

Another example of Diaspora broadcasting is the business of faith-based broadcasters. These groups wish to reach new audiences and shower the world with God’s words.

Many faith-based broadcasters either belong to, or are related to, movements with missionaries around the world, or in specifically targeted regions. To support their faith’s expansion in the air, broadcasters seek novel methods to reach their audiences. Transmitting programming via TV and IPTV, these faith-based broadcasters can find their audiences around the world and support on-the-ground missionaries.

Using specific satellites and specialized IPTV channels that reach cable, terrestrial and satellite operators, these broadcasters easily hook into a home and reach their flock.

Other faith-based broadcasters understand that the Diaspora has sent their believers around the world and they want to reach these men and women with a targeted message.

Again, using any combination of distribution services can keep those far away linked to the religion. Thus, a local broadcast sent over a backhaul satellite to a centrally located ground station from where the signal can be sent via satellite or fiber to a point (or points) around the world is a perfect solution for the faith-based broadcaster or content provider. ECS works with a number of these broadcasters, both small and large, to enable them to bring the word of God to the people who really want to hear it.

The hunt for reaching far-flung audiences is a trend that will accelerate as the world continues to move into a Diaspora environment. Migrations for economic, health, political and religious reasons are age old. Now that technology has caught up, ECS is addressing the market with comprehensive and easy-to-create solutions that provide access and links between communities. We see these links as the backbone of world-wide growth.

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