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African Broadcast TV Channel

For Africa-centric TV channels and broadcasters there is no better communications solution than ECS, European Communication Services. ECS’ solutions meet the two biggest trends in African broadcast distribution: Facilitating leading African TV channels in reaching their diaspora audiences around the world, and enabling European and U.K.-based African channels to penetrate African markets, bring a wide range of new programming to the region. Simply put, we facilitate channel market penetration, bringing access to TV, multi-screen, and Internet audiences.

Introducing Narrow TV

ECS’ New Broadcast Platform over Africa

We are happy to present ECS’ exclusive broadcast distribution platform on Intelsat-20, Africa’s popular satellite – the same broadcast satellite for DSTV, MyTV, Wiztec, and hundreds of Regional and International TV channels. Broadcast your content at affordable prices over popular satellites and Free to Air, reaching millions.

TV Broadcast over Africa


ECS now offers TV Broadcast services over Africa also on the ABS3A at 3°W:

* Direct To Home Platform over West, East Africa and the French Speaking countries

* Quality Distribution Services

* Superior HDTV and SDTV Broadcast

* Backhaul Broadcast Satellite Services

ABS3A is at 3°W, offering very good performance in Ku-band to Sub Saharan Beam in Africa over the West and also East countries.

The channels will be received with 90-100cm dishes all over the KU band beam. DVBS and DVB S2 formats are available.

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Contribution – Backhaul Services

tv contribution backhaul services

TV Contribution – Backhaul Services

ECS delivers broadcast signals to uplink stations and cable operators throughout the globe. We offer broadcasters dedicated fibre optic networks, backhaul satellites, MPLS, and high quality IP streaming. ECS specializes in providing communications services to Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

Creative Communications Solutions

Our creative communications solutions ensure that, whether you are in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East or the Americas, your content reaches its target audience with stability and strength. Your broadcast can reach anywhere on the planet – enhancing existing markets and allowing you to penetrate new markets. And, ECS addresses the key issues of backhaul services, providing cost-effective, scalable capacity, and ensuring a total cost of ownership (TCO) that can meet your budget requirements.

Most Powerful Satellites and Networks Around the World

Many broadband content providers rely on second-rate or unproven satellite and fibre networks to increase capacity due to both the technical challenges and cost of using more reliable, more powerful networks. ECS, however, utilizes the most powerful satellites and fibre networks on the planet. By using the most reliable, most popular satellites and networks, we can ensure that your broadcast signal reaches the right links for contribution. Broadcasters know how important it is for their signals to arrive at the right places. Whether by IP, MPLS, fibre or satellite backhaul, ECS will work with you to find the most advantageous methods to distribute your signal, so that you need not worry about signal strength or redundancy. We do it all for you, so your channel distribution infrastructure doesn’t have to be a concern – and so you can focus on your business model and content!

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Nilesat Coverage 2018 by ECS: BETTER, STRONGER, SAFER.

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